History of Terry Memorial Hospital District


Brownfield Regional Medical Center



Local physicians in Brownfield who sold the hospital to Terry County in 1958 owned the original hospital.  Work began within a few years to establish a hospital district.  The voters of Terry County approved the conversion of the county hospital into a hospital district, and in 1965, Texas Legislature created the Terry Memorial Hospital District dba Brownfield General Hospital. 


Construction began on the current hospital site and the first building project was completed in 1971.  A second addition, which includes the current nursing station, emergency department, physical therapy, LVN classroom, post partum, nursery, and intensive care, was completed in 1974.  A third addition was completed in 1979 with 26 patient rooms upstairs and medical records, central storage, laundry, and meeting room on the ground floor.  As part of this project, one patient hallway was converted into a ten bed special care unit.  Terry Memorial Hospital District began doing business as Brownfield Regional Medical Center.


With the implementation of DRGs in the early 1980s, inpatient census began dropping, which led to the downsizing of the hospital.  All nursing stations were closed except one, and the ten-bed special care unit was closed.  Due to low patient census, the LVN program was forced to close.


Beginning in 1990, the hospital began adding new services.  Home Health was established and carried about 50% of the total revenue for the hospital until the Balanced Budget Act of 1997.  The Home Health department has rebounded since 1997 and is averaging about 60 patients.  A cardiac rehab and wellness center was organized and has seen continued growth, requiring four expansion projects.  The swing bed program was implemented.  Two wings were converted into private physician offices.  A CT scanner was purchased and placed in the facility.


Seven elected Board members govern Terry Memorial Hospital District.  There are currently six physicians who are members of the active Medical Staff.