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John Gabriel

Information Technology Director


Both large and small companies to some extent use an Information Technology or IT department to keep their businesses running smoothly.  Our team is responsible for multiple locations: EMS, Home Health Care, Heart Health Workout Center, Renewal Spa & Wellness, and our main hospital, Brownfield Regional Medical Center. 

We coordinate with vendors to help determine long-term business needs on system upgrades for both hardware and software for all BRMC sites. With COVID-19, we anticipate and prepare for changes by providing hands on training to our staff.  In addition, our team provides 24 hour system administration support for hospital network users. We consider one of our most important jobs to be system security. We have several security layers in place to prevent breaches and loss of valuable patient and employee information.

~John Gabriel~

"This is an amazing career opportunity with an exceptional  staff to work with."

                      ~John Gabriel~

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