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Financial Assistance

How BRMC Can Help You

One of the services we provide the citizens of Terry County is financial assistance to our indigent population. This assistance encompasses not only Hospital bills but also certain outpatient procedures as well as BRMC physician office visits. Our financial counselor is trained to be familiar and understand many of the different assistance programs available to those who qualify. To assist us in this process, we have an employee from Texas Department of Health and Human Services with an office located in our facility.

The financial counselor is available to all self-pay patients who are admitted to BRMC. The counselor will visit with self-pay patients to determine if they are eligible for financial medical assistance. We can also assist with the application processes as appropriate. Persons who live in Terry County and meet certain income and assets guidelines may be eligible for the Terry County Indigent Program. This program requires the completion of an application and must provide various information and documents including proof of income and residency. Each case is different and may require additional information.

The financial counselor is also available to assist all BRMC patient’s in applying through the Pharmaceutical Company’s Patient Assistance Programs for prescriptions.

Anyone who is unable to pay for all or a portion of their treatment is welcome to apply for assistance.

Brownfield Regional Medical Center provides services at no cost for persons who do not qualify for Medicaid or any other assistance program, including men who have no children, and women who are not pregnant and do not have children.


  1. Must be a resident of Terry County.

  2. Income may not exceed minimum eligibility standards, which incorporate a net income eligibility level equal to 21% of the federal poverty level based on the Federal Office of Management and Budget Poverty Index.

  3. Allowable household resources cannot exceed $2,000. If an aged or disabled person is part of the household, allowable resources cannot exceed $3,000.

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