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Labor & Delivery

Dr. Kristy Acosta, M.D.

​Family Medicine with Obstetrics

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Dr. Kristy Acosta, M.D.

​Family Medicine with Obstetrics

Experienced Labor and Delivery Services Close to Home

Brownfield Regional Medical Center obstetrics department has earned Maternal Level I Designation for 2023 as well as Best In Texas Magazine Doctors 2023.



At Brownfield Regional Medical Center, we know that each birth experience is unique. Therefore, we offer not only natural birth and birth aided with epidural anesthesia but in addition we offer:


-Water Birth to those who qualify

-Shower birth for those who desire

-Hydrotherapy for those who qualify


Focused on family-centered care, we offer three labor, delivery, recovery & postpartum private suites so that each family has the birth experience they deserve. Following birth, we encourage family time, and visitors are welcome.


The “GOLDEN HOUR” is the vital first hour of your baby’s life; a time in which mom, dad, and baby spend time together uninterrupted. This time provides many positive benefits for your baby. During this time, skin-to-skin contact is encouraged.


Benefits include:

-Decreased stress for newborn

-Regulation of newborn’s temperature

-Regulation of newborn’s blood sugar level

-Regulation of heart rate and breathing

-Improved bonding and breastfeeding


In addition to the GOLDEN HOUR, your health care team at Brownfield Regional Medical Center offers:

-Delayed cord clamping for up to 60 seconds

-Delayed bathing per request

Limited visitors during the Golden Hour

-Rooming in with newborn 24 hours a day

-Full-time lactation support


Main Hospital (806) 637-3551

Clinic (806) 637-1955

Home Health (806) 637-0063

Renewal Spa (806) 637-7919

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